Doula Workforce

The Great Resignation

We are living in the world of the GREAT RESIGNATION. With that being said, doula care is on the rise which indicates the market needs your services. Employers are seeking to fill vacant positions. Most employers are offering incentives or a sign- on bonus. Many of the perks are enticing, it's important to select which one will bring you happiness and enjoy what you do. Doulas in the workforce whether you work for an employer or open your own Doula practice, it's best to know the medical billing process for services rendered. P&C provides medical billing training to Doulas just for that reason.

Employee or Practice Owner

As a practice owner, you must cover your expenses, pay yourself, and/ or pay staff. One way to maintain a steady cash flow is to seek multiple revenue streams of income. This can be having additional certification(s) such as Becoming a Diabetes Prevention Coach (another medical billing training we provide). You can address gestational diabetes or pre-diabetic with those individuals who have been diagnosed. Or hiring staff with specific credentials that are aligned with your service. This can be a Licensed Master Social Worker for postpartum depression services. Both services allow you to receive reimbursement from health insurance carriers. It's important to have a steady cash flow to ensure you can cover your expenses, and staff and, pay yourself. We are all familiar with how it works to be an employee for an employer.

Decision Time

In making your decision weigh your options. Create a PROs vs CONs spreadsheet for both options. What are the pros of working for yourself? Identify what will it take to operate a practice. Do your research, and don't forget to jot down the cons. What are the pros of working for an employer as a Doula? No overhead expenses, just focus on patient care. Don't forget to jot down the cons of working for an employer. And again, it's important to know which option will make you happy. Pursuit of happiness.

The Doula Workforce is needed, whether you decide to work for a Doula Agency or Open a Doula Practice your services are wanted. We believe all Doulas should know and understand the medical billing process, whether you are an employee or an employer. This is why we provide Medical Billing Training for Doulas. We are a resource to Doulas for the medical billing process.

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