Private Practice Owners

Who Wants to Return Revenue?

As an owner of a Medical Coding and Billing business, it's my pleasure to ensure providers are in compliance with health insurance carriers coding and billing rules and regulations. There will be scenarios that may be erroneous or innocent billing, but the federal government can perceive it as FRAUD. Which can lead to refunding revenue, civil penalties, or jail. When we take on new clients we are very upfront with the billing process and NO FRAUDULENT active for the duration of our business relationship.

Invest in Your Practice

Per OIG ( Office Inspection General) recommends sole practitioners or small group practices obtain an annual audit review to ensure they are in compliance with billing for services. This is the perfect opportunity to identify any mishaps, errors, and/or mistakes that have occurred in the past to correct moving forward. As well as identify how you can maximize your revenue.

Reliable Resources

We know sole practitioners and small practices struggle with affordable resources to compete with big healthcare entities. P&C offers auditing services to sole practitioners and small group practices. We want the entities mentioned above to know there are reliable resources available like us to assist entities to avoid refunding revenue or criminal charges against individual (s).

We all are aware of how complicated our healthcare system is, especially trying to manage medical coding and billing. We are here to help you manage and stay sustainable. Don't become another statistic of refunding revenue back to health insurance or criminal charges against you. Click here to schedule your medical coding and billing audit assessment.