POST & CLAIM is a certified women-owned medical billing company that provides services to sole practitioner(s) and /or small group practices, to be able to compete with larger practices, facilities and/or organizations. We obtain remote access from healthcare providers by logging in to their EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system. Once logged in, we aid in processing medical claims. We support existing staff to ensure proper claim submission and payments. We also educate healthcare professionals on appropriate documentation to support code selection. In addition, POST & CLAIM has a Patient Advocacy service that thoroughly educates both the public and business owners’ employees on how to navigate through this complicated healthcare system.


Our mission is to provide exceptional services that will alleviate extensive tasks in managing medical claims. During our healthy relationship, we’ll provide the skills, knowledge, and expertise to handle all your medical billing administrative tasks.

We are HIPPA compliant ensuring our clients we follow the appropriate requirements protecting your patients' health information.