Kadria March, CPC, CPMA


As the founder, we understand the medical coding and billing process from a provider and patient standpoint.  We're able to provide our service to both populations.  We are here for you, as your COMMUNITY BILLER,  because we are right in the community to ensure providers received proper reimbursement for services rendered, and to provide service to patients with medical bills dispute and/or to provide assistance navigating through this complicated health care system.

Kadria is a Certified Professional Medical Auditor and Coder through the AAPC, with 20 years of working in various healthcare specialties such as Pediatrics, Mental Health Article 28 and 31, CCBHC Clinic, FQHC Clinic, Substance Abuse, Midwifery, Pulmonary, Cardiovascular,  and Internal Medicine. She has a vast knowledge of processing medical claims and educating healthcare providers on proper documentation to receive proper reimbursement for services rendered.

We Navigate, Investigate, and Advocate for You!


“My dad has Medicare/Medicaid... I had no idea how to pick a plan or a drug prescription plan and I reached out to POST & CLAIM... which was a BIG help... I learned so much and I got all my questions and concerns answered, thank you!!.”

N. Taylor