Private Practice Owners

OIG & You

January 2023

Happy New Year!!! As we enter this new year, we want to share with Private Practice owners the importance of knowing who the OIG is. And you are probably saying to yourself what is that or who is that?

Medical Coding and Billing Overseer

The OIG (Office of Inspection General) is a federal agency that ensures healthcare entities are in compliance with Medical Coding and Billing guidelines and regulations. I think of them as the IRS of Medical. Because they definitely enforce eliminating fraud, waste and abuse.

Let's Talk Medical Billing with P&C

Patient Advocacy

November 2022

Open Enrollment period will come to an end in a few weeks. We had the opportunity to be a guest on Why Wait Til Monday podcast hosted by Nichol Shabazz, sharing Patient Advocacy tips pertaining to medical bills and open enrollment.

We love educating consumers how to utilize their health insurance plan(s) to their advantage and how to save money. Click the link below to listen to the entire segment.

How to avoid returning revenue to health insurance carriers during an audit

Audit Time

November 2022

Healthcare Professionals with pandemic restrictions being uplifted and the country moving towards some sort normalcy, let the AUDITS beginning.

During the pandemic health insurance carriers relaxed their billing rules, to ensure consumers receive the care they need. Health insurance carriers are back to conducting audits, to ensure healthcare professionals are in compliance with billing guidelines.


Medicare Open Enrollment Period

October 15 - December 7

October 2022

Selecting a benefit plan for 2022 can leave you overwhelmed and confused. With so many options to choose from and to select the best option for your medical needs. With that being said, we want to give a few tips to help you during this process.

  • If you are turning 65 soon, you will need to enroll into Medicare to apply for Part A & B Medicare Enrollment. Medicare will all you to enroll 3 months before your birthday, your birthday month and 3 months after . Now, if you do not enroll into Medicare when you are eligible, you will be penalized for the duration of you not enrolled when eligible.

Back to the Codes

Become a Certified Professional Coder

October 2022

Health care is one of the fastest growing industry and the demand for medical coders is on a rise. Employers or health care professionals seek for Certified Professional Coders.

With that being said, our 6th Medical Coding Cohort begins January - May 2023. This course prepare individuals for the AAPC (American Academy of Professionals Coders) Certified Professional Coder examination.

Participants will learn and receive:

  • CPT - procedure and service codes

  • ICD-10- diagnosis codes

  • HCPCS- additional procedure and service codes

  • Medical Terminology

  • Anatomy

  • Career Development (includes cover letter and resume)

And so much more............. Interest in attending the course, click here to register. See you in the classroom!

It's Open Enrollment Time

Health & Benefits Money Mindset

September 2022

We partnered with Brittany Charles Mrs. Fiscally Responsible a Financial Coach, she has over 12 years experience in Human Resources. We decided to team up to share our expertise about health insurance plans. At this time we all are dealing with inflation and from the looks of things, we can be heading into a RECESSION.

This is the perfect time to have a MONEY MINDSET about your health care and how to save money utilizing your health insurance benefits. Here's the list of topics we will be covering.

How to Get Started with Reimbursement in 2022

Medical Billing for Doulas

August 2022

Many Doulas need help with Billing Process. The Billing Process is important because learning this will help you Get paid from health insurance carriers. Doulas who learn the billing process will learn the Billing Codes for their services to receive reimbursement from health insurance carriers.

In this post, Doulas will learn the medical billing process.

Doula Workforce

Doulas do what makes you Happy!

August 2022

Doula services are in demand, the opportunity is now!

Doula Agency vs. Open a Doula Practice