As we approach the OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD FOR  2024, I'm pretty sure many of you dread this process. I totally understand me too. I recommend you look at the process from another point of view, as in SAVING $$$. What do I mean by savings,  is this gives you the opportunity to identify ways you can save money, by utilizing your health insurance benefits to your advantage. You can compare and contrast what took place this year, and project how you can save or put money to the side or apply for a FSA, or HSA account for 2024.  Follow us on Instagram @postandclaim to learn the tips, health insurance terminology, and of course the SAVING$.




We could not end the summer without acknowledging LACTATION CONSULTANTS, who are valuable professionals in the healthcare industry to Mommies. As we contribute to bringing awareness to Breastfeeding and to celebrate this month ,we will be hosting MEDICAL BILLING TRAINING for LACTATION CONSULTANTS or CERTIFIED LACTATION CONSULTANTS. 

We know Lactation Consultants provide valuable information to moms, whether informing a mom- specific breastfeeding pillow, breastfeeding tips, and/ or breastfeeding wear. We also know Lactation Consultants encounter hurdles and barriers to receiving reimbursement from health insurance carriers for their services. The last Saturday (August 26), 3 pm-5 pm est in/person or virtual we will be hosting Medical Billing Training for you.

Back to the Codes

Become a Certified Professional Coder 

July 2023

EFFECTIVE 7/13/2023 

We Are NOW a Private Career School for 

NJ Department of Labor 


Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries and the demand for medical coders is on the rise. Employers or health care professionals seek Certified Professional Coders.  

With that being said, our 6th Medical Coding Cohort begins August- December 2023. This course prepares individuals for the AAPC (American Academy of Professionals Coders) Certified Professional Coder examination.

Participants will learn and receive:

And so much more............. Interested in attending the cohort, click here to register. See you in the classroom!

Open House 

June 2023

Who wants to get PAID? Meeeee! If you have one of the credentials listed (left), attend our OPEN HOUSE to learn how to reimbursement from health insurance carriers for your BEHAVIORAL HEALTH services. 

We will discuss all the topics listed (left) to ensure you are ready for the credentialing process which can take up to 90 days or longer. But don't get too caught up with the part, the important piece is making sure you have all your documents for the process to get PAID. 

Here's the video of what was discussed - Click the link below

Summer Summer Time

June 2023

For the past three years, we have been hosting SUMMER FUND$ Medical Billing Workshops. These workshops are for individuals in Behavioral Health, Maternal Health (Doulas), and/or seeking to make some extra cash as a Diabetes Prevention Coach. 

In each workshop, attendees will learn how to receive reimbursement from health insurance carriers for your services. As we continue to deal with inflation and a recession looming, here's an opportunity for you to make some MONEY the legal way, no FRAUD here and plus there's no need for that when you know how to MAXIMIZE your services, which you will learn attending a workshop(s). To attend a workshop(s) click the tab below to register. We look forward to having you as an attendee.  


Social Workers & Women's History Month 

March 2023

Hey Ladies! We're celebrating Social Workers & Women's History this month, and with that, we are hosting an Open House for the ladies ONLY in Behavioral Health.  Celebrating US if your credentials are listed and you are seeking to open or a have private practice, join us to learn the business side (THE MONEY) of a Private Practice.

Private Practice Owners

OIG & You

January 2023

Happy New Year!!! As we enter this new year, we want to share with Private Practice owners the importance of knowing who the OIG is. And you are probably saying to yourself what is that or who is that? 

Medical Coding and Billing Overseer

The OIG (Office of Inspection General) is a federal agency that ensures healthcare entities are in compliance with Medical Coding and Billing guidelines and regulations. I think of them as the IRS of Medical. Because they definitely enforce eliminating fraud, waste and abuse.