Seeking to start a private practice to receive reimbursement from health insurance carriers. P&C prepares individuals to be ready for the credentialing service. Every Tuesday evening from 8:00 - 9:00 PM (EST), we'll be hosting our DOCUMENTS CRASH COURSE. To ensure you have all YOUR required documents to begin the credentialing process. The fee for this service is $10 per person.

✏Tip: In order to receive reimbursement from health insurance carriers, you must have the CREDENTIALS health insurance carriers recognize. Now, if you do not have the credentials, seek individuals with credentials insurance carriers recognize (we're hiring) for the services you are seeking to provide.

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P&C provides credentialing service to healthcare professionals seeking to join health insurance carriers network. Our service includes EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer known as direct deposit) and health insurance portal(s) set-up. We maintain open communication with provider and all correspondence will be directed to provider from the health insurance carrier(s), this is to keep provider abreast of the application status.

In order to perform the credentialing service, health care professional must complete a provider form . We provide the DOCUMENTS CRASH COURSE (stated above) to ensure you have all the required documents to complete the form and to avoid credentialing service delays. Ready to receive credentialing service, click the provider form below to get started.