Outpatient Consulting Services

We provide outpatient consulting services to health care professionals and facilities with medical billing issues, documentation, medical coding selection, and auditing. Our goal is to ensure health care professionals are equipped with the proper processes, medical billing regulations, and following medical coding guidelines in any event healthcare professionals are faced with an audit from health insurance carriers.

Medical Billing Auditing Services

Outpatient Private Practice Owners

Office of Inspection General

OIG Compliance Program for Individual and Small Group Physician Practices recommends entities receive or conducts an annual medical billing audit to ensure the compliance program guidelines are being followed. Following OIG's recommendation, P&C offers auditing services to healthcare professionals. Medical billing audits are very valuable to an entity's practice. It's sound business sense to avoid refunding revenue back to payors and is an opportunity to maximize revenue for services rendered. Do you want to ensure you are in compliance with OIG? If your answer is YES, click the tab below to schedule your audit assessment.