Why should you outsource to POST & CLAIM

Who can receive Medical E-Billing?

What medical billing specialties we specialized in?

What do we need from the provider?

How to get started with Billing Services

What are the Medical E-Billing Fees?

The entity will pay P&C a percentage of how much revenue is received from payers monthly.

Additional Service Fees

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What are the Credentialing Fees?

Credentialing fees are based on how many plans the owner/provider is seeking to become a participating provider with payors.

Sole Practitioners - Purchasing 2 or more plans per entity is allowed 1x. Providers seeking to become participating provider with additional plans , must select the individual plan for $65 per plan. During checkout, the entity will be asked about the quantity (how many plans). 

What is the CPC Training course duration?

The course duration is for five months. The maximum of participants 10 per cohort. Course start date varies and is based upon how many participants registers for the course.  We strive to have at least two cohorts per year.

What is the CPC Training course fee?

CPC Medical Coding Training Course is $1700 (includes)

Where is the CPC Training course located?

We are located in Northern NJ.  Please be advised it does not matter what state you reside,  in each state utilizes the same billing codes.

Who can receive Patient Advocacy service?

 Businesses and organizations seeking to fulfill government contracts

Consumers (general public)

What is the process for consumers seeking Patient Advocacy service?

POST&CLAIM shall receive a fee of 15% of the amount saved on the medical bill. Example: Consumer saves $125 and will pay P&C $18.75. There will be no fee to the consumer for medical claims savings under $30.  In many states,  your healthcare professional(s) can charge consumers a fee for requesting copies of their medical record(s). Fees varies for each state, the consumer will be responsible to cover the cost for the medical records request.