Why should you outsourcing to POST & CLAIM

  • We login remotely to healthcare professionals EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems

  • Submit claims electronically through a clearinghouse or health insurance portals

  • Works closely with office staff to obtain authorizations for required services (if applicable)

  • Assists with reporting requirements for MIPS/Value Base Payment (Medicare)

  • Submit claims to health insurance carriers based on payer guidelines

  • Review patient demographics for accuracy to avoid denials

  • Account Receivables & Denial/Rejection Management

  • Prepare patient’s accounts for collections

  • Minimize denials and increase revenue

Who can receive Medical E-Billing?

  • For-Profit Facilities & Non-Profit Organizations

  • Providers with licensed credentials recognized in the healthcare industry

What medical billing specialties we specialized in?

  • Behavioral Health- MD, NPP, PhD, LCSW, LMSW, LPC, Substance Abuse Counselors

  • Cranial Prosthesis- License Cosmetologist / Accredited DME Salons

  • Dietitian/Nutritionist

  • Maternal Health- Midwives, Lactation Consultants, Doulas

  • Pediatrics

  • Laboratories

What do we need from the provider?

  • Must be a or have licensed healthcare professional to submit claims to health insurance carriers.

  • Healthcare Professionals must have an Electronic Medical Record System for POST & CLAIM to log in remotely.

  • We request healthcare professionals assign a point of contact person working with POST & CLAIM while manage your administrative billing tasks.

How to get started?

  • Schedule an consultation with us at km@postandclaim.com or complete the form under contact us.

  • POST & CLAIM will perform a coding and billing analysis to identify your medical billing administrative tasks (no cost to provider).

  • After the consultation is performed, healthcare professionals will be required to sign a contract.

  • POST & CLAIM will perform your medical coding and billing tasks as contracted.

What are the Medical E-Billing Fees

  • Medical Billing one-time start-up fee per entity-

  • Medical Billing for Non-Profit Organizations- 7%

  • Medical Billing for For-Profit Facilities- 9%

  • A/R Management Only- 10%

  • Front Desk Management – Contact POST & CLAIM for rates

What is the CPC Training course duration?

The course duration is for five months. The maximum of participants 10 per cohort. Course start date varies and is based upon how many participants registers for the course. We strive to have at least two cohorts per year.

What is the CPC Training course fee?

CPC Medical Coding Training Course is $1700 (includes)

  • Registration Fee- $50 (non-refundable)

  • Books

  • AAPC Membership (required for to schedule exam)

  • Exam

  • Professional cover letter and resume

  • Payment plan option available ($600 required to reserve your seat and books)

Where is the CPC Training course located?

We are located in Northern NJ, and this upcoming cohort will be in-person and virtual. In person will only apply to those individuals located in or near our location. Please be advised it does not matter what state you reside, each state utilize the same billing codes.

Who can receive Patient Advocacy service?

Businesses and organizations seeking to fulfill government contracts

Consumers (general public)

What is the process for consumers seeking Patient Advocacy service?

POST&CLAIM shall receive a fee of 15% of the amount saved on the medical bill. Example: Consumer saves $125 and will pay P&C $18.75. There will be no fee to the consumer for medical claims savings under $30. In many states, your healthcare professional(s) can charge consumers a fee for requesting copies of their medical record(s). Fees varies for each state, the consumer will be responsible to cover the cost for the medical records request.