Medical Billing for Doulas

Organizations/ Agencies

Are you ready to learn how to receive reimbursement from health insurance carriers for your services?

We hope you are! In our 3 medical billing sessions you will learn how to receive reimbursement and how to stay SUSTAINABLE.

  • Credentialing Process with health insurance carriers

  • CPT/ HCPCS & ICD-10 codes

  • Health Insurance Plans

  • Documenation (medical necessity)

  • Modifiers

  • Place of Service

  • Verifying Eligibility

  • Compliance/ Fraud & Abuse

  • Clearinghouse


  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records)


  • Health Insurance Portals

  • HFCA (outpatient services)

  • Payor ID

  • Timely Filing (date calculator)

  • Complete one health insurance application to become a participating provider as a Doula (if applicable)

  • Marketing Tips (where are the clients)

  • Additional streams of income billing for services

  • Q&A

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3 Sessions

Medical Billing for Doulas Training Fee $400 PP